My name is Kris.

So what do I do? I reside in Nashville, TN and my passion is all things PR + social media! I spend my days hashing out content for my clients' social media platforms, planning for the launch of the next-big-thing in their business and growing their online network.


I previously worked for a web design and development firm called Indie Shopography, where I managed all communications for the company and Being Boss podcast.

Through internships at Billy Reid and Blue Olive Consulting, volunteering, and working with and establishing non-profits like The 610 Project, I've gained experience in social media management, PR, project management, event planning, strategic and campaign planning, merchandising, ad production and sales, and more.

I have been lucky enough to spend my spare time traveling to other countries and enjoying the benefits of new culture, language and experience. I was able to get a sneak peek into many cultures through travel, and that's when I decided to pursue the Spanish language! I graduated with a BA in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish from The University of North Alabama in 2014.

With a dynamic background of experiences and by working for a quickly growing firm, I have mastered the ability to change gears and manage multiple aspects of a business all at once.

I have a passion for working with creatives - music, entertainment and fashion are my favorite industries,  I love it all.

I believe that the ultimate key to success is to push your OWN limits.

If you can do this, you're golden.