Should You Hire a Social Media Manager?

Social Media Managers are all the rage, but why?

I hear so many people say that they manage their own social media platforms, hire an assistant or have an intern manage their social media for them, and it IRKS me to my core. Why?

Because so many people pass up a great opportunity to build their businesses online because they're cheap, lazy or don't see the value in hiring a seasoned professional.

Businesses can be built, cultivated and drive revenue via social media if the person behind the wheel or in this case, screen, knows how to use it the right way. Leveraging social media platforms to build your business is MUCH cheaper than traditional advertising methods. Hiring someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the best online and social sharing practices can be really beneficial.

Give yourself time to focus on what you do best.

We're all given different passions and skills for a reason. Don't spend your precious time on things that aren't your expertise.

By hiring a social media manager, you'll give yourself the time to work on things that drive your own passions and your business.

When should you hire a social media manager?

The sooner, the better.

Creating a consistent presence developed by an experienced manager on social media will make you look AND feel legit as a business owner. And your followers will recognize that you're an established business who's in it for the long haul.

Creating a social media presence that is consistent, reliable and fun to follow is just as important as creating a website for your business. How can you share all of the goodness you offer on your website if you have no channels to share it?

Social networking and engaging with potential customers is so easy to do, but staying on top of the latest social trends, timing, pretty visuals and great copy is everything! Let an expert handle it.

Which social media management company or solopreneur is right for you?

Do your research. Reach out to the individuals or companies that you've considered hiring.

Be specific when you reach out. Let he or she know what you do, why you want to hire out and what expectations/goals you have for your company and its growth. It's also important to speak with someone before you commit to working with them to make sure your personalities jive together. Be up front about how you prefer to communicate and find someone you trust.

What are you hesitations in hiring someone else to manage your social media platforms?


If you're considering hiring a social media strategist or manager, check out my offerings to see if we're a fit!